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Syncplicity Information

This website is designed to give you instructions and references to other sources of information about Syncplicity at the University of Otago.

Use the other pages listed in the blue banner on the left to read more or watch tutorial videos.

What is it?

Syncplicity is a file sharing and storage system.

It’s like Dropbox, but the University of Otago owns the servers, so it’s far more secure.

You do not have to move any files or folders onto Syncplicity. You just decide which ones on your machine you’d like to include, and they will be automatically synchronised and kept up to date.

You sync between your computer and your online Syncplicity account, which allows you to share your content with others (and with yourself on any device where you’ve installed Syncplicity).

You sign up for Syncplicity and then install the software onto any machine or device where you want to access your files.

When you sign up, you also select a security policy which may limit with whom you share your files. Depending on the policy you chose, it may be possible to share folders and files with anyone, or you may be limited to University of Otago Syncplicity account holders.

Read more about the security policy.

Using Syncplicity, you can access your files from a Mac, PC, tablet, smartphone, or via the web.

Why use it?

Syncplicity is a great file back-up service, but it’s not a full machine back-up. You do not store applications, emails, or databases there. Just folders and files. Use it primarily for the following:

  • Sync with the server for folder/file back-up across multiple machines/devices
  • Share folders with other people
  • Send links to (downloadable) files to other people