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Wired Network Connections

To connect to a wired connection at the University (including at the University Colleges), you need to use the “proxy”. However, you do not want to use the proxy when using the wireless network, or when outside the University.
Follow our guides below to set up your computer with the proxy, or contact Student IT for assistance.

Windows Instructions

This handout shows you how to set-up the Firefox web browser to use the proxy. When using the wired University network you should you use Firefox; at other times you should use another browser like Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer.
Please see Student IT for help setting up apps like Skype or Spotify to work on the proxy.

Handout for Setting up the University wired network on Windows

Wired Connection for Windows

Mac Instructions

This handout shows you how to set-up your computer with a network location. You can then easily switch between locations depending on whether you are on or off campus.

Handout for connecting to UO-STUDENT wired network on Mac

Technical Details

Proxy address:
Proxy port: 3128