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StudentMail – New to Otago


Student webmail is your university provided email address that all university correspondence will be directed to. You will have access to your student webmail for the duration of your studies. It is important to check your emails regularly as anything sent to you will be assumed as seen – including things like assignment due date changes!

Where is it?

Student webmail can be access via this link

How to sign in

Enter your student username in the top box. E.g. bonja007.

If you don’t know your username it can be found on your ID Card. Click here for more info.

Student Webmail Login


Password is the same password as your eVision login.

Other Setup Methods

If keeping track of another email account is too much, you can set your student emails up to be forwarded to your personal emails, or setup your email account on your phone/computer.

  • Log into student webmail.
  • Click on the cog icon on the top right of the screen
  • Type forwarding into the search bar and select the forwarding result
  • Type in the email address you wish to forward your emails to.
  • Tick the checkbox if you wish to keep a copy of each email in you student webmail account.
  • Finally clickÃ� save and your emails are now being forwarded.
  • It's very important that if you forward your email you must whitelist it on your email provider.
  • To find out how to do this for your email provider, simply search for your email provider followed by whitelisting - as an example: Gmail Whitelisting on Google

If you'd rather have access to your email account and not forward it, you can use the Microsoft Outlook computer application or mobile phone Outlook application.

See here how to setup your StudentMail on your own device.