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Student Desktop on Your Own Device

You can use the full Student Desktop on your own laptop, desktop computer or other device, no matter where you are in the world, so long as you are connected to the internet. You can access your files and all the programs on the Student Desktop just like you were in a computer lab. The Student Desktop can be used on both Mac and Windows computers.

Student Desktop screenshot showing Windows desktop with clocktower wallpaperThere are two ways to use the Student Desktop on your own computer:

  1. Full featured – install the Citrix Receiver. This is our recommended option and gives you the full experience of the Student Desktop. The Citrix Receiver software means the Student Desktop can see what your computer can see – so you can access your files, your USB, network drives or a connected printer all from within the Student Desktop just like from your laptop.
  2. Light version – run the Student Desktop in your browser. This method gives you fewer options but no install is necessary. This may be useful if you are using the Student Desktop on someone else’s computer or on a locked down computer.

You can also run the Student Desktop on your phone or tablet.