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Software on the Student Desktop

There are three types of software available to you on the Student Desktop:

1. Default Software

A range of general software is provided to all students by default. See the full list of default software here.

To find a piece of software:

  1. Press the Windows key or open the Start Menu
  2. Type the name of the software in the Search box or browse All Programs

2. Course Specific Software

If your course requires specific software, it will be made available to you on the Student Desktop. To access it go to:
Start Menu > All Programs > Course Specific Software or…
press the Windows key, or open the Start Menu then type the name of the software in the Search box

3. Software Available on Request

A specific list of software is available on request – please see our Software on Request page.

Other Software Requirements

If you need software for your study or research outside of these 3 categories, you have to ask your supervisor to request it using the form below. They may also need to purchase a licence if the software isn’t free.

Staff who wish to request software to be added to the Student Desktop for their classes or students should use the Managed Staff and Student Desktop Software Request form.