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Saving and Document Storage

This page discusses how you should save and store your files when using the Student Desktop.

There are two main locations available for saving your files and documents:

  1. your H drive, which is your Desktop and My Documents
  2. your OneDrive, which is online storage and is linked to your Student Webmail

See below for a list of features for H Drive and OneDrive.

We recommend saving documents you are currently working on in your My Documents folder. When you are no longer using them on a regular basis, archive or back them up to OneDrive or to an external hard drive. For example, a pdf journal article you’ve already read, or an assignment you’ve handed in – in both cases you still want to keep the file, but don’t need to access it regularly.


H Drive (My Documents, Desktop, etc)

  • Small – only 3-5GB storage
  • Accessible only through the Student Desktop
  • Fast – good for documents you are currently working on
  • Size can only be increased in special circumstances
  • Hosted by the University


OneDrive (Online storage)

  • Very large – one Terabyte (1000 times bigger than your H drive)
  • Accessible through Student Desktop and your Student Webmail
  • Able to be synced to your own computer
  • Slower – it is better to download files to your own computer to work on them. However Office 365 provides a service similar to Google Docs in that:
    • Documents can be worked on in Office Online
    • Documents can be shared and collaborated on online
  • Hosted by Microsoft
    • This may be relevant in some cases for legal reasons involving confidential or sensitive files


See Using Your OneDrive for more information.