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Student Desktop – Post Grads


The Student Desktop gives you access to a range of general and course specific software, and provides a consistent study environment where your files are always available to you. The Student Desktop is available to all students, both in the student computing labs and running on your own computer anytime and anywhere via the internet.
Your department may have provided you with a computer to use during your post grad studies.

If this computer is student desktop locked you will be required to sign in with your university credentials (eg bonja123) every time you turn it on. This is good as you will have access to your H Drive and OneDrive, for reliable storage. You will also have access to all the free software that is pre-loaded on the student desktop.

If you need special software installed on the student desktop, (SAS, MYOB, AutoCAD etc.) your supervisor needs to apply for it on this form. If there is a licence fee, the department will have to approve payment.

If your computer is student desktop unlocked, you will not be required to sign into your student desktop whenever you turn it on. However, you will not be working in the student desktop environment. This means that you will not have access to your H Drive, or OneDrive, or any of the software available on the student desktop.

I want to use the Student Desktop

If your department provided computer is not student desktop locked you can still use it to access the Student Desktop.

Click here for information on how to install the student desktop onto your computer