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Antivirus for your Personal Computer


It is important to have a good working antivirus program on your computer, whether it be Windows, Mac or Linux. An antivirus will provide valuable protection for your computer by detecting and removing malware. It can also block malicious webpages to help prevent malware from being downloaded.

It is also a requirement of the University of Otago that all computers connecting to the network have a working, updated antivirus. (View the University of Otago Anti-virus policy.)

Click here to find out if you have an anti-virus software installed

Sophos Antivirus for Windows, Mac, Android & Linux

Although there are many antivirus programs to choose from, we recommend Sophos Endpoint Security, which can be downloaded for free directly from the Sophos website.

Sophos Home (for Windows & Mac)

Sophos Mobile Security for Android

Sophos Antivirus for Linux

Full list of free Sophos tools

Windows Defender on Windows 8 & Windows 10

Windows 8 and 10 come with Windows Defender, a full antivirus program that is fine to use at the University.

If you need any assistance installing or removing an antivirus program, or if you are worried about malware on your computer, please contact us.