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Register your ID Card with the Print System

The first time you use your Student ID card with the printing system, you will need to register the card. This enables the printer to recognise that your card belongs to your account.


It is a good idea to register your card because:

  1. You can use your ID card to top up your printing funds at one of the top-up kiosks
  2. It is much faster to log in to a printer by simply tapping your ID card on the card reader of the printer


Registration happens automatically the first time you log-in using your ID card:

  1. Tap your current Student ID card on the card reader
  2. Enter your student username and password – touching the boxes on the touchscreen will bring up the on-screen keyboard
  3. Touch Login on the screen. It may take a short while to log-in because you are logging in for the first time
  4. If it doesn’t log you in, try again; it is easy to make a typo when using the touchscreen
  5. Log out and test that your registration was successful by tapping your card on the reader again – you should be logged in without needing to type in your details


Remember to log out after registering and after any printing, copying or scanning.


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