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How to print at an MDF Printer

The basic printing steps are shown below, but you can also view our How to Print pdf tipsheet or see all our printing tipsheets on our tipsheets page.


  1. Login at any of the Canon MFD printers on Campus
    You can login by typing in your Student Username and Password or by using your Student ID card (see instructions on how to register your card).
  2. Touch Secure Print
  3. Select the jobs you wish to print and touch Print and Delete (or touch Print All to print all jobs).
    Your balance is shown at the top left.
  4. Further finishing options can be found by touching the Options button (see below)
  5. Remember to Logout!


Changing Print Settings

You can use the Options button on the printer touchscreen to change the following settings:

  • Duplex: double-sided printing on long or short edge
  • Color Mode: swap between colour and black & white
  • Copy count: number of copies
  • Page Range: e.g. print only pages 4 to 9


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