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Using the Printers

Below you can find instructions for using different aspects of the University printing system – see our step-by-step Introduction to Printing if you’re not sure how to get started.

Once you have sent your print job to the printers, log in to any printer to retrieve it. To log in, you can type in your student username and password using the touchpad. A quicker, easier way is to register your ID card and then simply log in to a printer by tapping your Student ID card on the card reader.

How to register your ID card with the print system for faster logins.

The printers are multifunction devices (MFDs) and can:

More Instructions

Login to a printer with either your ID card or touch the AD box and enter your student username and password. Non-student users—use your PIN. You will see these choices on the screen.

Choose a function on the touchscreen

  • Touch Copy for Photocopying
  • Touch Scan and Send to have the scanned document sent to your student email
  • Touch Scan and Store to have the scanned document saved to your USB
  • (Secure Print prints a document you have already sent to the printer (learn more)).

Setup your Documents

Place your original face down on the scanning plate, or face up in the document feeder to copy/scan multiple pages at once.
Make sure the corner of the document is aligned with the red arrow.

  • Photocopying: choose Start Copying for the printer to scan and print your documents
  • Scanning to email: Tap Send to Myself
  • Scanning to USB: plug your USB stick in (right-hand side of printer) & choose it in the list on the touchscreen. Choose a location on your USB to save your file, then press Scan to move to the options screen. Wait while the printer scans your document.

Touch Start Sending/Storing to send to your email or save to your USB once you are finished.


  • Change any settings by using the options on the screen or by tapping the Options button.
  • When you are ready, press the green Start button on the printer keypad.
  • If your page is not A4 then the printer will ask you to select a page size.  Choose A4 > OK and then press the Start button again.
  • To add more pages to the same file, put your next document on the scanner, and press the Start button on the printer. Repeat until done and press Start Sending/Storing.

Logout! — Remember to Logout when you are finished!