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How to Print from your Laptop

If you wish to print from your laptop to the student printers you can install a print driver to do this. This allows you to print straight from your device and skip emailing (Updated April 2022).

Windows Instructions

  • Click on the Windows icon or tap the Windows key
  • Paste this into the search box
  • When the dialogue box pops up, enter your University username with student\ in front of it (e.g., student\bonja007) and enter your university password and click the Remember my Credentials box.
  • Open the document you wish to print and under File > Print choose UO_uniFLOW_Print printer

Staff can use these printer drivers too, but instead of using student\username use registry\username

Please note you will need to be connected to UO_Wifi or using the VPN in order to follow these instructions.

VPN Access:

Mac Instructions

To print from your Mac, download this file

  • Click on the link and sign in to your student email account.
  • Click Download
  • Open your Downloads folder and open MacDriverMar22.dmg
  • Right click (two fingers on the trackpad of your laptop) the staff or student .pkg and choose Open (if you just clicked on it it will not allow you to open it)
  • Try to print a document. You should see a new printer in the print menu called UO Print DN
  • Select this printer and hiit the Print button
  • The print dialogue box will come up and have a message that says “Hold for authentication.”
  • When prompted, enter student\yourusername (e.g., student\bonja007) followed by your University password and click the Remember this password in my keychain box.

  • If this box doesn’t appear click on the tiny refresh icon to the right of the print job. ⟳
  • This should then send your job to the printer.


If you are having trouble printing from the standard UniFlow Drivers, we have an alternative printing system called mPrint

Windows Instructions

Click here to download mPrint

Mac Instructions
Right click on this link (two fingers on the trackpad) and save it to your Downloads folder.

  • You may get an error message asking you to discard the file. Click on the up arrow and choose Keep.
  • Go to the Downloads folder and right click (two fingers on the trackpad of your laptop) and choose Open (if you just clicked on it it wouldn’t allow you to open it)
  • Open a Microsoft Word Document. You should see a the new mPrint printer in the print menu.
    When you choose to print, mPrint will open a web page where you have to enter your student username and password. Make sure you save it so you don’t have to do this each time.

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