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How to Print from your Laptop

This replaces mPrint which we don’t use at the moment due to it being unreliable.
If you wish to print from your laptop to the student Canon printers you can install a print driver to do this. (Updated August 2020).
This method is far more reliable than emailing to, which often causes Load Paper errors and  doesn’t allow you to change settings. 

Mac Instructions

  • Please get in contact at or our Facebook page if you require the Mac driver.
  • Double click on the file once you have downloaded it (If it doesn’t run, right click on it and choose Open)
  • When you want to print, you should see a new printer in the print menu called  UO Print printer
  • When prompted, enter student\yourusername followed by your University  password and click the Remember this password in my keychain box.
  • You may need to go to System preferences > Printers and Scanners 
    and locate the UO-Print printer
    Click Options and Supplies
    Go to Utility tab and open Printer Utilities

Once the print job has been sent, you may need to click on the tiny reload icon in the print queue box.

PC Instructions

  • Click on the Windows icon or tap the Windows key
  • Paste this into the search box
    When the dialogue box pops up, enter your University username with student\ in front of it (eg student\bonja007) and enter your university password and click the Remember my Credentials box.
  • Open the document you wish to print and under File > Print choose UO_uniFLOW_Print printer

Staff can use these printer drivers too, but instead of using student\username use registry\username

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