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How to Print from your Laptop with mPrint

With mPrint you can print from any program (through the normal print menu) directly to any printer on any campus. It works on Mac or Windows via a campus-specific print driver you download and install.

Note: you can install the print drivers for more than one campus

View the AskOtago article on mPrint here


Installation Instructions

Note: if you already have mPrint installed, please follow our How to Uninstall mPrint guide to remove the previous version first

  1. Go to the mPrint Downloads page
  2. Click on the correct link for your location, making sure you choose from either Windows or Mac OSX
  3. Download the file and follow the installation instructions (the same as for any other program)
  4. Restart your computer before using mPrint

How to Use

  1. Print as normal e.g. by going to File > Print
  2. Make sure the correct printer is chosen, e.g. mPrint Dunedin
  3. Click print and a new window will open in your web browser.
  4. Log-in on this page with your student username and password. (When you have done this once it may save your details for future printing)
  5. Change any options as necessary on this screen, e.g. the number of copies or whether you want colour printing
  6. Click Print
  7. Go to any MFD printer and pick up your print job!


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