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Printing from your Own Device

There are three ways you can print directly to the University Print System from your own device.

  • Uniflow Driver– Install this on your Mac or Windows laptop and you can print from any program (through the normal print menu) directly to the University printers. Note that as of August 2020 we are providing a new Printer Driver on this link which is more reliable than the old mPrint drivers
  • @Print – use this on any device that can send an email, without having to install anything
  • Logging into the Student Desktop on your own device, you can print to any printer your computer can normally print to, as well as print to the University printers.

If you need to send a print job to Uniprint, this can be done from the student desktop by choosing Uniprint when you print or by emailing your file to, but this may incur a handling fee.