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Introduction to Printing at Otago

If you’re new to printing at Otago, follow our steps below and you’ll be printing in no time. Click on any step to expand it and view the instructions.

Printing Overview (Learning Lab Module)

If you haven't already got your Student ID card, you should do that right away!

Along with all the other benefits you get from your ID card, it enables you to top-up your printing account at top-up kiosks and log-in to the printers faster.

Check the Student Services ID Card page for information on how and where to get yours.
Register your Student ID card with the printers so you can use your ID card to top-up your printing funds or to quickly log in to a printer without having to type in your username and password.

See our How do I... Register my ID Card with the Print System.
Once you have registered your card, you need to add money to your printing account using either the top-up kiosks or the online top-up system. Printing and photocopying incurs a charge but scanning is free.

You are now ready to send your document to the printer - you can print directly from the Student Desktop or your own computer. You don't even have to be on campus to send your print jobs!

Note: you don't pay for your print job until you pick it up from the printer.

You can use any Uniprintstation printer to print out your print job; these printers can be found in student computer labs and libraries - look for the Uniprintstation label shown below. These printers can also be used to scan and photocopy. Note: your print job will disappear from the queue after 12 hours, so make sure your print it out before then. If you're not sure how to use the printer, check out the following pages: