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Postgrad Student Email Addresses

As a Postgraduate Student, you can request a postgrad email address.

What is a postgrad email address?

A postgrad email address is usually of the form You send and receive emails from this new address. However, you won’t miss out on email sent to your old @student address, as you will receive it in your inbox along with your @postgrad mail.

Postgrad email addresses are an “alias” to your student email address. Although your email address looks different, you still log in to Studentmail with your usual student username to check and send mail. Neither your student username or password will change.
(However, you will only be able to send or reply using your new postgrad address, not your old student email address. This causes a problem with @print -see below).

You are not required to have a postgrad email address; you can keep using your student one if you wish.

How do I request a postgrad email address?

You can request a postgrad email address yourself by filling out the Postgraduate Student Email Address form.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Service Desk as they create the email addresses.

Are other University of Otago services affected by my postgrad email address?

Most services stay the same because your student username stays the same. Continue to use your student username to log in to things as you normally would.


  • if you use the @print service to email print jobs to the University printers then this will not work with your @postgrad email address. This is because @print uses your email address to determine if you are a student.
  • you can still use mprint, or print from the student desktop

Office 365

  • you can still install the University-provided Office365 on your computer
  • use your old @student email address (not your new @postgrad email address) to authenticate i.e. in the form

Email Apps

  • you can still use an app to get your University email
  • use your old @student email address (not your new @postgrad email address) to authenticate i.e. in the form

Postgrad email addresses and Syncplicity

If you request Syncplicity access, you will automatically receive a postgrad email address. Use the postgrad email address to log into Syncplicity, not your student account or your @student email address