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Welcome to Postgrad life at Otago. A few things change when you begin postgraduate study. You may be given office space, you can obtain a postgrad email address, you may need to use special software such as Endnote for your citations, and software to help you do your research. Make sure you get all the help you need. Come visit us in the Central Library if you have IT questions and we’ll help you do what you need to do to complete your study.
If you are having trouble with the computer that you are given, or need to work out how to use it efficiently, come talk to us at Student IT in the Central library about it. In some cases a Desktop Support technician may need to be sent. Ask your department administrator for help to request a visit, or come see us if you need more urgent attention and we will get things moving for you.

Student Desktop

The Student Desktop gives you access to a range of general and course specific software, and provides a consistent study environment where your files are always available to you. The Student Desktop is available to all students, both in the student computing labs and running on your own computer anytime and anywhere via the internet.
o Using Student Desktop as a Post Grad
o Where Should I Save My Files?

There are three types of software available to you on the student desktop
1. Software which is available to all students by default. Click here for a list.
2. Software which is available to you because you are doing a course that requires it. Your lecturer will inform you of any software that you will be using at the start of semester. This software will be located in: Start Menu > All Programs > Course Specific Software
3. Software which is freely available to students on request. List of software for a list of available software, and information on how to request it.

Postgrad Email Address

Postgraduate students can request a postgrad email address to use instead of their student address. Postgrad Student Email Addresses information.


EndNote is reference management software used to make referencing much easier. It is available for free for University of Otago students, and is also available on student desktop. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word and makes writing / updating your reference list a piece of cake. EndNote stores your reference list as a library meaning you can easily move your references to another computer or share your references. EndNote information.

Dissertation & Thesis Help

If you’re undertaking a postgrad degree with an element of research – you’ll need to write a dissertation or thesis at some point in your degree. Luckily, we are able to help you with your dissertation or thesis needs! See here for more info about dissertation & thesis help Should you need help with printing your dissertation or thesis, visit Uniprint.

Lab & Study Spaces

There are many study spaces available for you to use around campus, including computer labs that you can use for your study. See here to find out more about our study spaces.


Blackboard is your academic space. It is used by most University papers to convey information that is specific to your course such as; lecture slides, notices, assignment submission, lab material and grades.

IT Support

Student IT are your front-line defence against any technical problems you might experience.

Student IT hours
Our hours during semester time are:
Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 9pm
Saturday to Sunday: 9am to 9pm

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