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Connecting to Wifi – New To Otago


At first glance University WiFi can look quite daunting with many networks to choose from. This page will help you connect to the right network for your current situation.

I am completing enrolment

If you have not yet completed enrollments, but you still need access to the internet UO_Guest is network to choose. UO_Guest gives you two weeks (14 days) access to the university network and 500MB per day of data. For information on how to connect to UO_Guest click here.

I am an enrolled student (course declared)

Once you have course declared you are now an enrolled student and have access to both UO_WIFI and UO-STUDENT.

If available you should connect to the UO_WIFI network. You can connect easily using your student username and password (the same as eVision).

Click here for more information on how to connect.

Note: We are currently transitioning from UO-STUDENT (our older network) to UO_WIFI (our new network). You may find that only one of those two are available in the area you are in. It is safe to connect to both using the same credentials. UO_WIFI is faster so should be the preferred option.

I am visiting from another University

If you are studying with Otago University but are enrolled with a different University, you can connect to the internet using eduroam.

Eduroam is a free secure wireless network available at participating campuses and institutions in New Zealand and around the world. You will find eduroam at all locations covered by the University of Otago wireless network.

Eduroam works for other New Zealand Universities as well, so if you have a friend here to visit they can get access using their student credentials.

For more information on how to connect to eduroam please click here.