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eVision Portal


You will have used eVision before if you have begun the application process for the University.

You can access eVision by going to

eVision is essentially your admin page for everything about your personal University programme. You are able to see many important things in eVision including; notices sent to you from the University, finances, your programme, examination results and student timetable. It’s also where you go to choose or change papers.

Explore eVision

Here you can find explanations about all of the tabs in eVision you will need during your time at University:

  • The home tab on your eVision portal contains most of the information contained about your University program, at a glance.
  • One of the more important parts of the home tab is the All Alerts pane which contains important information sent to you by the University.
  • The details tab allows you to review your personal, contact and education details.
  • It is important to keep these up to date.
  • The programmes and papers tab allows you to check what papers you are enrolled for during your degree, change your specialisation, changes papers, apply for another programme or cancel enrolment.
  • You can also apply for global exchange - the University of Otago's student exchange programme.
  • The finance tab allows you to check all things financial with the University, such as your account, which includes information such as invoices, receipts and refunds.
  • You can see your course fee assessment which will show you the fees for each individual paper you are enrolled in.
  • You will also find payment options which tell you exactly how you can pay your tuition or other University fees.
  • In your timetable tab you will find information on the timetabling of your lectures, labs and tutorials, including when they are scheduled and where they are to be held.
  • If you don't know where a certain room is, clicking on the room name will open google maps showing you exactly where the building is
  • The examinations and results tab will allow you to view your examination results, view your academic record, transfer credit from previous study and view the examination rules.
  • Here you can also apply for alternative arrangements, special consideration and enquire about exceptional circumstances.
  • In the scholarships and awards tab you can find links to view the scholarships page, or to email the scholarships office.
  • Also in this tab you will find the sums you will receive in total, along with what has been paid and which scholarships you have been awarded or declined.
  • The graduation tab allows you to apply to graduate from the University.
  • You can find out more about graduation by following this link