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Blackboard is your academic space. It is used by most University papers to convey information that is specific to your course such as; lecture slides, notices, assignment submission, lab material and grades.

You can access blackboard by going to

It’s important to know that not every lecturer uses Blackboard, and it is up to each lecturer whether or not to use it.

Also lecturers have creative freedom to customise their Blackboard pages how they want, so they may not be consistent across papers, but should have the same or similar functionality.

How To Navigate Blackboard

To find your paper and information about it:

  1. Click the down arrow beside the logout button in the top right corner
  2. Select the paper you wish to get information for

This will take you to the announcements page where you can find links on the far left bar, containing links to page such as Course documents, Class recordings and Marks and grades.

The homepage contains information about your course. It is presented in an overview form, with the ability to have a glance at all of the recent and relevant information your paper has.

Announcements are messages or notices sent to all members of the class that usually contain important information that you should take note about.

This includes things such as:

  • When new course documents are released
  • When new lecture slides are released
  • Assignment details and submission links
  • General messages

Course documents will often include documents such as;

  • Course outline
  • Lecture slides
  • Lab documents (if applicable)
  • Test and assignment files

Class recordings will link you to the Otago Echo Capture site.

This allows you to watch recordings of the lectures - assuming your lecturer records their lectures.

Not every lecture is recorded - check with your paper lecturer to find out.

Lecturers often put the grades for your internal assignments, tests and labs up on Blackboard.

This allows you to view your grades, and see the class averages.