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How to Download/backup your files from OneDrive

Your student OneDrive is a place where you can store files (you have at least 1TB) “in the cloud.” It is a Microsoft product, and is accessible from:

  • Your student email
  • the student desktop
  • Your computer (by using the OneDrive app)

If you have files saved in your Otago University OneDrive, you will lose access to these when your StudentMail is disabled.

Accessing and downloading OneDrive Files

    • On a laptop or desktop computer go to
    • Log into your email account (click here to find out how to Sign in)
    • Click on the grid of 9 dots (top left) and choose OneDrive.

This will show your files, if you have any.

  • Select the files you want to download. (Tip: click on the first item then hold down the Shift key and select items with the Down Arrow key)
  • Right click (Ctrl-Click on a Mac) and choose Download from the menu

  • A zip file will be transferred to your Downloads folder. You can usually open the zip file by going to your Downloads folder and double clicking on it. You will get the option to “unzip” the files if you wish.
  • This will then make your files available on your computer. From here, you can store them and/or transfer them to an external drive or other online storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive on a personal Microsoft account.