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Information for Student Leaving the University

When you finish studying at the University of Otago, your access to University services also finishes. This section guides you through the steps you need to take before your access is disabled.

 Removal of Access to IT Services for Former Students

If you are a student leaving the University you will receive email messages advising that your access to student email and Office 365 is being removed. These include the date your access will be removed, actions you can take (see below) and where to get further information/help. Note: your access to eVision is not affected and, should you study with the University again in the future, access to IT services will be restored.

  1. Before leaving the University of Otago, you should set up an Out-of-Office message (auto-reply) in your StudentMail to notifying which email address they should now use to contact you. You should do this even if you are currently forwarding your email as when you leave your email access will be removed. See here for our guide to setting up an Out-of-Office message
  2. Export/Forward Email you wish to keep
    When you leave Otago, your StudentMail account will be disabled and you will no longer have access to your emails. Before that happens, you should export or forward any emails and attachments you wish to keep. See here for options on exporting and forwarding your emails
  3. Download your files from OneDrive
    If you have files saved in your Otago University OneDrive, you will lose access to these when your StudentMail is disabled. You should download any files you wish to keep and store them on your home computer or external hard drive.
    See here for instructions and advice on checking for files, and downloading your files from OneDrive
  4. Get your own Office365
    If you downloaded Microsoft Office 365 for your computer through the University, your subscription ends when your StudentMail is disabled. If you want to keep using Office 365 you will need to buy a personal copy from Microsoft.If you are not sure whether your copy of Office is University provided, click here
    See here for information about personal licences for Office 365