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Category Archives: Photography

Macro-photography setup

The macro-photography setup in the Geology Department, University of Otago, comprises: a copy stand, a DSLR camera with a macro-lens and a computer for controlling the camera and capture.

What is it for?

Taking photos of samples, specimens etc. close up. The setup has a maximum field of slightly smaller than an A4 sheet of paper. The smallest field of view is the size of the sensor: 22.2*14.7mm. Because you can capture 4272 x 2848 (L) pixels on this 22.2*14.7mm sensor your pixel density is 4888 ppi. This is much more than the 300ppi needed for print, so digital zooming and cropping will get you a lot closer with good results (see sample images in poster below).

Guidelines for use of the macro-photography setup.

Guidelines for use of the macro-photography setup. This poster is beside the equipment.

Basics of photography course

Callum Bruce and I will be running a short ‘basics of photography’ course for geology staff and students this Friday (Feb 3) at 10:40am, meet in the Graphics Lab.

If you are interested you must contact me first so I can firm up the numbers. If you are interested but cannot make this time please tell me anyway, it is possible that we will run it again soon.


Come along if you want to learn about:

  • Cameras
    • sensors
    • file formats
    • lenses
  • How to use your camera (dslr or point and shoot)
  • Principles of photography
    • focal length
    • shutter speed
    • aperture size
    • ISO
    • units
  • Using the new macro-photography setup

What to bring?

We will be doing practical exercises so please BRING YOUR CAMERA (dslr or point and shoot).