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Category Archives: GIS

How to use to download/view spatial data

httpv:// is a website that allows users and data suppliers to upload/download data with a spatial component. The advantage this site has over other data repositories is that the user can choose which data they like, which format, and over which area in a granular way. It also has a very good interface for viewing data/metadata.
These sites are powered by koordinates.

Grid reference systems: how to make them

All about how to make grid reference systems. Before you try to make your own you should read this page:

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Grid reference systems: What are they?

This page explains grid reference systems, with specific emphasis on New Zealand. If you are interested in making a grid reference system for your map read this page and then see:

What is a grid reference system?

A grid reference system is a simplified grid used for a map area to make reporting and looking up coordinates easier.
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Creating a topo profile and blank cross section using ArcGIS

Creating a topo profile and blank cross section using ArcGIS (Video instructions)


Creating a topo profile and blank cross section using ArcGIS (text instructions)

Get the cross section template