Research networks in Aotearoa

Monday, April 15th, 2019 | Rory | No Comments

Editorial from the latest edition of the NZMJ from two members of the Rural post-graduate programme; Marc and Sampsa.

Gutenstein M, Kiuru S. Building collaborative research networks across rural and provincial Aotearoa. New Zealand Medical Journal. 2019;132(1493):3.

“Rural and provincial research faces many of the same obstacles that clinical teams face, with fragmented and dispersed rural hospitals lacking a formal research network. Research networking is essential for disseminating and sharing knowledge, meeting local population health needs and promoting appropriate non-urban health policies.”

“Greater involvement of rural and provincial providers in health research will increase visibility of these journeys, build collaborative academic, educational and clinical networks, and allow research data to be translated back into clinical practice for all.”

Effects of M.Bovis

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Effects of Mycoplasma bovis expected to linger in farming sector, even if disease is eradicated

Interesting and important new research currently underway by a team that includes Fiona Doolan-Noble, a research fellow in the Rural Section, University of Otago. They are examining the psychological effects of the M.bovis ‘outbreak’

“There’s certainly a stigma around it and there probably always will be a stigma … It’s the same with any exotic disease or infectious disease, people are worried and concerned generally because they don’t have information that they need to know,”