The Trans-Tasman Issue

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Australian Journal of Rural Health. Trans‐Tasman Issue. Volume 26, Issue 5. Pages: 303–378 October 2018


A landmark issue – one of the most important publications of the year! Open access until at least December.


Editorial Special issue: Trans-Tasman Issue
Garry Nixon and Oliver K. Burmeister

Alliances and evidence: Building the capacity and effectiveness of rural health
advocacy in Australia
Lesley Barclay and Gordon Gregory

Alliances and evidence: Building capacity and effectiveness of rural health advocacy in Australia: New Zealand commentary
Martin Thomas London

Two decades of building capacity in rural health education, training and research in Australia: University Departments of Rural Health and Rural Clinical Schools
David Lyle and Jennene Greenhill

Grasping the Ongaonga: When will New Zealand really integrate rural clinical education?
Martin T. London and John G. Burton

Learning from history: How research evidence can inform policies to improve rural and remote medical workforce distribution
John Humphreys and John Wakerman

Not counting
David Fearnley

Framework for examining the spatial equity and sustainability of general practitioner services
Jesse Whitehead, Amber L. Pearson, Ross Lawrenson and Polly Atatoa-Carr

Point-of-care ultrasound in rural New Zealand: Safety, quality and impact on patient management
Garry Nixon, Katharina Blattner, Marara Koroheke-Rogers, Jillian Muirhead,
Wendy L. Finnie, Ross Lawrenson and Ngaire Kerse

Kete pikau : A basket of knowledge – ‘guidelines from back home’
Marara Koroheke-Rogers and Katharina Blattner

Kete pikau : A basket of knowledge – ‘guidelines from back home’
Kate Senior

Improving the physical health of people living with mental illness in Australia and
New Zealand
Russell Roberts, Helen Lockett, Candace Bagnall, Chris Maylea and Malcolm Hopwood

Paramedicine in Australia and New Zealand: A comparative overview
Peter O’Meara and Sharon Duthie

Osteoporosis and low bone mineral density (osteopenia) in rural and remote Queensland
Campbell Bruce Macgregor, Jarrod D. Meerkin, Stephanie Jade Alley,
Corneel Vandelanotte and Peter John Reaburn

Perceptions towards research and academia by Māori and Pacific preclinical medical students
Yassar Alamri

Letters to the Editor
Research, education, advocacy: Keys to rural health success
Dalton Kelly

Rural health: An investment in regional development
Mark Diamond