Seeking Consultant Mentors for NZ Students’ Association Mentoring Programme

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The NZSMA is reaching out to you for support with their Mentoring Program.

4th-year medical student interest in mentoring has increased by 15% across Otago and Auckland this year. The NZ Medical Students’ Association is now looking for 24 more hospital, rural medicine, and GP consultants to sign up to their Mentoring Program.

An Expression of Interest Form for the 2023 Mentoring Program can be found here:

The NZSMA know consultants are living increasingly busy lives in the current health climate, and so the expectations of mentoring in 2023 have been clarified (see expression of interest link above), and NZMSA will provide reminders and resources across the year to nurture a positive mentoring experience.

Finally, any hours you spend mentoring can also go towards your CPD requirements and can be claimed through your College’s CPD programme.

For further details contact

Patrick Macaskill-Webb (he/him) 

2023 Vice President Engagement

New Zealand Medical Students’ Association

M | +64 21 024 32886      E |

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