Rural CME Webinar #2: Focus on mental health

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Recording from the latest Rural CME webinar in case you missed it or want to watch it again. Below are some additional resources including Dan’s Pneumonic device for delirium (I CLAP in time).

There are some really good printable self help guides here;

I often recommend people have a look at which is a smart phone app that teaches / guides people through relaxation exercises. is a page with a lot of links to other support resources and there are a whole load of other information and support agencies out there.


I CLAP (in time)


I   Inattention (most sensitive sign)

C  Cognitive Impairment (Think of the domains on the MoCA)

L  Level of Consciousness (usually decreased but can be increased arousal)

A  Affective changes (usually depression)

P  Perceptual disturbance (visual hallucinations)

These are the classic symptoms of delirium.

They occur ACUTELY and TEND TO FLUCTUATE (that’s the ‘time’ bit).

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2 thoughts on “Rural CME Webinar #2: Focus on mental health

  1. Excellent real life scenarios and tips for management.
    Thank you all presenters, you rural hospital doctors are heroes!

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