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Things were/are pretty tough across the Tasman. Lots of coverage on this but one from our rural health colleagues that was sent across. John came and presented at the rural health conference a couple of years ago.

Sky @ Malua Bay 31/12/19

Prominent rural health academic Professor John Wakerman and his family were among those evacuated from the devastating fires on the south coast of NSW earlier this month.


Wakerman writes below about the angry and frustrated letter he has since sent to the Prime Minister, as well as some key lessons from the current disaster, including the importance of telecommunications security for rural and remote residents.

I will:

(1) join the local volunteer fire service;

(2) do all I can to advocate for sensible policies to mitigate the impact of global warming;

(3) minimise my own impact on the environment through sensible and frugal consumption – food, fossil fuels and the many oil derivatives on our lives; and

(4) continue to acknowledge and reciprocate the kindness and generosity of my family, neighbours, friends and complete strangers at a time of need.

A good list of things that we can all aspire to.

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