Postcard from the edge #10

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This postcard comes from Sara Gordon, who is a GP and Rural Hospital Registrar who is currently completing this programme at Taranaki Base Hospital.

Suddenly the apprenticeship is shifting gear; business as usual comes to a full stop. At the pointy end of training, fellowship is a blink away. My intention to do a bit more cardiology and respiratory medicine is now an irony. Our new negative pressure rooms feel as far away from anywhere, and patients cannot have their usual plethora of tests. I’m more ok with this than my colleagues.

Generalist rural training turns out to be excellent preparation for this community response

Introspection: COVID–19 is the disaster that follows you home. In most disasters there is a safe haven, there’s a safe place to retreat. The disaster is a usually a tragic tale to tell friends and family about, not one they are characters in.

Once upon a time is still now, adventure has exited the stage, leaving an uncertain future, as we build the plane we are flying it. The invisible particle that has taken the breath from our nation is dubbed the ‘Ebola of the rich’ and will be the COVID–19 of everyone; even those who hide their faces in the sand like hypoxic orange flamingos. Like the disease itself, the ramifications of a pandemic pervade every organ of our carefully structured, safe system.

COVID–19 is kicking down the sandcastle we have just built.

Developed nations are acting like newborns. Narratives prompt pragmatic action with inspiring commonsensical speed. Connections are light speed and real. This train left the station months, years ago and we woke up on it.

If there is a station, would you get off?


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