Dermatology Webinar 4.4.2022

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From David Young’s presentation:

  1. The powerpoint slides
  2. Case 1 was Papular Acrodermatitis of Childhood aka Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome.
  3. The topical steroids article that David spoke of in our webinar is: Mooney E, Rademaker M, Dailey R, Daniel BS, Drummond C, Fischer G, Foster R, Grills C, Halbert A, Hill S, King E, Leins E, Morgan V, Phillips RJ, Relic J, Rodrigues M, Scardamaglia L, Smith S, Su J, Wargon O, Orchard D. Adverse effects of topical corticosteroids in paediatric eczema: Australasian consensus statement. Australas J Dermatol. 2015 Nov;56(4):241-51. doi: 10.1111/ajd.12313. Epub 2015 Mar 6. PMID: 25752907. 
  4. Atopic dermatitis links in dermnet:
    1. ;
    2. ;

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