Postcard from the edge #8

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Robin Chan is Australian Trained Rural Generalist and creator of  She works in Taupō across hospital and community settings. She likes to dance.

They say it aint over till the fat lady sings but my “Corona Rhapsody” playlist has never had so much airtime and isolation has seen a surprising surplus of Cake and Quarantini’s.

Did we miss a bullet? Was our overnight transformation to virtual general practice for naught? Do our hospitals owe the catalogue of in-actioned surge plans to a decisive pre-emptive strike from Sista J?  Perhaps, but the truth is something way better.

The choice Kiwi’s made every day for the past months, to trust the information that their government was broadcasting, that this virus was real, it was deadly and transmission was preventable through physical distancing measures, was a gift that they gave each other and ultimately themselves.

We healthcare workers put ourselves on the front line at 10 times the risk of contracting COVID19 in our duty to care for our community. Although there have been infections, we are mostly safe because through trusting the physical distancing messages, our community cared for us.  Kei runga noa atu Taupō, well done.  I would wrangle a pandemic with you any day.

P.S. don’t forget to wear pants on zoom.

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