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‘Exploring the response to the Covid-19 pandemic at the rural hospital – base hospital interface:  experiences of rural hospital doctors’ 

We are seeking rural hospital senior medical officers to undertake a short interview about their experiences working clinically during COVID-19 pandemic/lockdown. Ideally we are seeking doctors who were working clinically in NZ rural hospitals. If you are interested please click on the following link to read the information sheet and consent form.





There have been variations in the way in which different DHBs have managed the pandemic preparations for rural hospitals. There may be important lessons to be learnt from this. 

  We are undertaking a small qualitative study to explore, from the perspective of senior rural hospital doctors, clinical advice and arrangements for patient management put in place during the pandemic period. We are interested in identifying strategies that have and have not worked.  

To do this we are seeking one representative from each rural hospital to participate in a Zoom interviewThe participants should be senior rural doctors who take ultimate clinical responsibility for patients and organising inter-hospital transfers.  

 The total time commitment will be 30 minutes.    

We would really like to hear from a member of your frontline rural hospital medical team.  

We would be grateful if you could ask around your medical staff, and if someone is willing and able to participate, they should enrol by going to 

If anyone has  questions prior to enrolling they should feel free to contact one of us.  


Garry Nixon  

Kati Blattner 

Rory Miller   

Steve Withington 



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