Wandering and Wondering in Wonderland

Friday, March 16th, 2018 | Rosemary Overell | No Comments

Sean Coyle

(The University of Tasmania, The Tasmanian College of the arts)

(citation: Coyle, Sean. 2018. ‘Wandering and Wondering in Wonderland‘. Performance of the Real Working Papers 1 (2): 1-25)



This media essay presents scenographic photographs, video and writing which invites you – the  viewer and reader – to cruise my Wonderland. This body of creative work, produced between 2016 and 2018 as part of a PhD within the School of Creative Arts UTAS explores my concept of Wonderland as a personal model for creating performance, scenographic photography and installation that references specific ‘real’ sites of homophobic violence within Australia and New Zealand. The Wonderland works use photographed constructions of scenographic scale-models to investigate how landscapes of trauma can be memorialized and re-contextualized through art. I also question what role this practice-based creative research can have in helping to understand and communicate these specific sites of homophobic violence.

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