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Sharing – all types and all levels

View these instructions in a video.

Access in your site is determined by permissions set centrally. That is a far better way to control permissions than having one-off sharing. Mostly people have access to a whole site and all its libraries. However, separate permissions can be set for a file or a library, if it makes sense.

Share a library or a whole site with someone

If a person needs access to a library or the site, contact the ITS Service Desk to let them know:

Share a file – with someone who has site access already

If someone already has access to your site and library, (generally other members of your team), you can copy the URL link to the file and email it to them.

To do this, press the ellipsis (…) for the file. in the details window that opens, you’ll see the file’s URL or address. Copy and paste that link into the body of an email.

If the recipient has the right to view documents in that library, the link will work. If not, it won’t.

Share a file – with someone who does not have site access

Other University of Otago staff

All University of Otago staff have access to OURDrive, but not necessarily to this site or its files.

To give someone access, press the ellipsis (…) for the file. Then, in the details window that opens, click on the word Share. (See image above.)

There is also a Share button on the Files tab, if you have selected the file.

In the next window, put in the person’s email address. (or, to share with all staff, type Everyone.) By default, this person, who is not in your team, can only view this document, not edit it.

You can add a message to them here because as you see in the Show options link, this will also act as an email to them.


Wait for Admin to approve

Whoever has admin rights to this site will now get an email requesting this be approved. They go through their own process to allow this or not. Once they have approved it, the email is sent to the people who were granted access. In that email will be a link to the file in question.

Non-University staff

Non-University staff cannot access OURDrive at all. If you need someone to see an OURDrive document, download it and email a copy to them.

To do this, use the ellipsis (…) beside the file to open the details window. Press the next ellipsis to view a second menu where you can select Download a Copy.

Sharing files from OneDrive (for Business)

If you have a file stored in the OneDrive area of OURDrive (see top right of screen), you can share it and can even give people editing rights.