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OneDrive (for Business) – Sharing

View these instructions in a video.

In the top right corner of the OURDrive window is a link to OneDrive. This is your personal area to store (and share) files.

Share a document

By default, you OneDrive for Business library is private to you, so you will have to share a file to give others permission to see it.

If you would like to share your document with anyone else at the University of Otago, you can share it with specific people, giving them edit or view access, as you like.

With all OURDrive users

To make the file available to anyone for read-only access, simply drag it to the Shared with Everyone folder.

You can share the files with any University staff member and give them Edit/View access as above, or you can simply send the URL to the file to someone so they can have read-only access. They can then save a copy for themselves if they wish.

With individuals

To share an individual document, press the ellipsis beside the file name. Then select Share.

Start typing in the name of a University staff member.

Then choose whether they can edit or just view the file. You can also add a personal message.

When you press Share, this will send an email to that person, with a link to the file.