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Add an OURDrive file attachment to email

Attachments can be added from inside an email or from the storage folders:

Also, you can insert a link to a file (meaning someone must have permission access to the library) or download a copy if they do not have permission to access the library.

From inside an email

Compose the email. Place your cursor where you want to insert the link.

From the ribbon, select the Message tab (if not already selected) and click the Insert from OURDrive.


The Insert from SharePoint dialog will be displayed.

Locate and click the location you wish to copy the item from in the left-hand pane.

Insert as link

From the right-hand pane, select the document and choose either the Insert as Link or Insert as Attachment button.

If you choose Insert as Link, a link to the live, editable document on OURDrive will be added to the email message. The title of the document will be linked to the file.

Remember that this means the email recipient must also have permission to access the library where the file is.

Insert as attachment

Insert as Attachment puts a copy of the document in the email message, so the recipient does not need to have access to the library where the original document is still stored.

Attach from OURDrive storage folders

In the OURDrive storage folders, click on a library.

This opens the OURDrive (or SharePoint) view of the library.

Select a file and click down the Name. Drag it onto the Mail icon in the bottom left corner of Outlook to launch a new email with a copy of the file attached. (This doesn’t work as well if you drag and drop the icon beside the name.)

Note: In Outlook 2016, the Mail icon looks like this:

Alternatively, resize your Outlook window and an open an email. Then click in the name of the file, and drag and drop it from the library window onto the email window.

Either way, you will get a link and an attachment. The link is the full URL to the file instead of just the file name you would have gotten by using the Insert from OURDrive button in the message.

If you don’t want both a link and attachment, delete the one you don’t want. Remember that for the link, the email recipient must also have permission to access the library where the file is. For the attachment, they are just getting a copy, not the original which is still on OURDrive.