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Views, and Sorting and Filtering

View these instructions in a video.

Views are different ways of seeing the contents of a library, so that you can work with specific files.

Change views

Open the list or library. Above the list of items/files, click the name of the view you wish to change to.

If the view doesn’t fit on screen, you may have to click on the ellipsis (…) to select the one you want.

Create a new view 

Open the list or library you wish to create a view for. From the ribbon, click the List tab and then click the Create View icon. The Create View (View Type) page will be displayed.

Click the Standard View link.

Alternatively, click on the name of an existing view to use it as a starting point.

Enter a Name for the view. Select the Columns you wish to display. Optionally, set the Sort, Filter, Group By and other settings if desired. Click the OK button at the bottom of the page. A view will be created displaying the columns and settings you have specified.

Sorting and filtering

Video instructions on sorting and filtering information in libraries and lists

If you are looking for something in a list or library, you can perform ad-hoc sorts and filters to quickly get to the information you need.

Any options you select will only be available while you are viewing that list and will no longer be available once you move away from it.

Sort a list or library

Open the list/library you wish to sort. Hover the mouse over a column header. For example, the Due Date column in a Tasks list. Click the arrow and select Ascending.

Alternatively, click once on the column heading to sort the tasks in ascending order, or click twice on the column heading to sort in descending order.

To indicate that a sort is in use on a column, an arrow icon will be displayed next to the column name.

Note: Not every column can be sorted.

Filter a list or library

Open the list/library you wish to filter. Hover the mouse over the column header you wish to filter by.

Click the arrow and select an option. For example, you could filter on items that are In Progress in a tasks list.

The list will refresh and only the tasks that match your filter criteria will be displayed.

To indicate that a filter is in use on a column, the funnel icon will be displayed next to the column name.

Remove filters by returning to view and selecting Clear Filters from … Also, filters will be removed automatically if you close the browser.