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Uploading multiple files

View these instructions in a video.

Open the library where you wish to upload multiple documents. Move the Internet Explorer window to one side. Then open a Windows Explorer window beside it and select the files you wish to upload.

Drag them onto the OURDrive library.

The files will be uploaded and progress displayed at the top of the library.

Once the files have finished uploading, they will be displayed in the document library, and an Upload completed message will appear at the top of the library.

The Document Properties page does not appear when you use this method.

Note: After uploading files, you may see that the documents are checked out (the Type field has a green arrow through it).

This happens if any of the metadata fields were required, but not filled in when uploaded.

Edit metadata for multiple documents

(View “Quick Edit” instructions in a video.)

Open the library where you wish to edit the document metadata and ensure that the view you are using displays the fields you wish to change.

See the Views page for more information.

From the ribbon, select the Library tab on the ribbon and click the Quick Edit icon.

This changes the document library into a list with boxes holding all the field information.

Fill in any metadata properties, following instructions on screen. Notice that not every field can be edited.

You can use the small flags to the side of the field to find the properties you need, or you can begin typing them in and allow OURDrive to display a list. Press OK when finished.

You can also drag the bottom right corner of a field textbox to fill in the ones above or below with the same information (like in Excel).

If the information is not correct, a red circle with an exclamation point appears to the left of the record.

When finished, click the Stop editing this list link above the list.

If there are mistakes, you will not be able to save any changes without fixing them.