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Uploading a single document

View these instructions in a video.

You can upload existing documents to OURDrive, either one-by-one where you will be prompted to fill in any properties, or bulk upload where you will then need to fill any properties for each of the documents. (You can use Quick Edit mode to make this easier).

Open the library where you wish to upload a document. To upload a document, you have different options.

  • Click on the new document link at the top of the library.

  • Or go to the ribbon, select the Files tab and click the Upload Document icon.

After choosing one of these two options, the Add a document page is displayed. Click the Browse button, then locate and select the document you wish to upload.

Optionally, fill in any Version Comments about the document. Click the OK button.

In the Document Properties page will be displayed. Fill in all properties as necessary and click Save. Properties vary depending on the library, and the content type.


No matter which upload method you have used, it will take fifteen minutes before a document can be displayed in search results.

Edit a document’s properties

To edit the properties for a file later, click to the left of the file name.

In the ribbon, click on the Files tab, and then the Edit Properties icon.

Alternatively, press the ellipsis (…) to the right of the document title. Then press the next ellipsis and select Edit Properties.

The Edit Item page will be displayed. Fill in properties as necessary and click the Save button.

Note: it may take up to thirty minutes for changes to the document properties to be displayed in the search results.

Link to a document (content type)

See video here.

When you are about to upload a document, you may realise that it it already somewhere else on OURDrive, perhaps on another site, but you would like to make it available here in this site, in this library.

Rather than create a copy and confuse people later, you can link to the other one.

To do this, first go find the other file wherever it is currently stored in OURDrive. Then copy the document title and URL into a Word document or something similar.

Then, in your other library, go to the Files tab, select New Document, and then choose Link to a Document. (If you do not see this option, you can request that it be added.)

In the next window, paste in the name and address. Use the link to test that the URL works, and when finished, press OK.