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Recycle bin

View these instructions in a video.

When you delete anything, a file, a list item, even an old version of a file, it all goes to your own OURDrive Recycle Bin.

By default, unless someone has restricted our permissions, we can usually delete things from anywhere in OURDrive, just like we might have done in a shared drive. One thing you cannot delete, however, is a file checked out to someone else!

But once we delete them, we can just as easily restore them.

To find the Recycle Bin, you must be in your OURDrive site. Use the cog in the top right corner, not the settings cog for Internet Explorer, but the one below it that is used for OURDrive. Then go to the Site Contents link. This opens your site from behind the scenes.

At the top right corner of the list of libraries and lists is your Recycle Bin.

When you go there, you will see everything you have deleted in the past 30 days.

After 30 days, they are removed from your Recycle Bin, but appear in that of your Site Owner. After 30 days there, they appear in the Recycle Bin of the owner of all the OURDrive sites. So in effect, there are 90 days to restore a file.

To restore it, you just select it and press Restore Selection. It will automatically return to the library or list where you deleted it.

If you choose to permanently delete it, it will still appear in the Recycle Bin of the Site Owners and then what are known as the Site Farm Owners.