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OURDrive in Windows Explorer

View these instructions in a video

When working with OURDrive libraries, sometimes it’s more convenient to access them from your machine.

To set it up, you must be in Internet Explorer. 

Next open a library in OURDrive and press the Open with Explorer button in the Library tab on the ribbon.

Once you press this, Windows Explorer will open, with your library displayed. Click on the little yellow folder icon to the left of the address, and drag and drop the library into your Favourites. Alternatively, you can drag it into your Documents, or course.

This adds the library as a folder you can open from here

From now on, you can use this library as you would any other folder, opening and editing documents, or adding/removing them.

NOTE: If you are not logged into OURDrive when you use this folder, you will be prompted to login.

If you change your mind about displaying the library here, right-click and choose Remove.