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OURDrive contains a ribbon, links, a search box, and more.

  1. Global Navigation: same across all OURDrive sites.
  2. OneDrive (for Business): Link to your own personal work documents.
  3. Search Box: Search by keyword or phrase in OURDrive.

  1. Web Part: in a team site, they display info set by your admin.

  1. Quick Launch: navigation links to specific OURDrive items, such as lists or libraries that are part of the current site.
  2. Breadcrumbs: step-by-step navigation links displaying the structure above the current location.
  3. Page Content: main content area for text, images, tables, etc.

Ribbon tabs (in a library or list)

The ribbon is context-sensitive and will display particular options based on your level of permission.


  1. Ribbon Tabs: tabs will be displayed dynamically to give you options to interact with content.
  2. Ribbon Quick Links: These are permission and context sensitive, so some may be greyed out.

  1. Settings cog: gives you access to behind-the-scenes site options. Available options depend on your permissions.
  2. Site contents: Displays all lists and libraries on a site. This is the easiest way to open a list or library not displayed on the quick launch. Your Recycle Bin is also in here.