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More about OURDrive

OURDrive is the University of Otago’s version of Microsoft SharePoint, a web-based electronic document management system.

It is a place to store and share files and information with other people in your team, your department or all University of Otago staff. The scope of who can see/edit the information is controlled centrally via permissions.

Upload or create new files

OURDrive lets you upload or create new documents from within a web browser, adding keywords or metadata to make it easier to find them later. (Metadata are properties or data about the files.)

Version control

OURDrive allows for effective version control, and full collaboration and co-authoring, which means less chance of duplicating your work, or losing track of the latest version when sharing with others.

Records management

The University of Otago has to comply with the Public Records Act which obliges us to make our documents easy to store and find. Because most of the files and emails used in our jobs are public records, OURDrive significantly improves this process.

OURDrive structure

OURDrive is made up of a series of different sites, each for a particular purpose. There are four main categories of sites: Teams, Committees, Projects and Research. Each site provides a shared workspace for you and your colleagues to store information.

Most of us will just work in a site created for our department (team).

Permissions overview

Permissions are controlled by the administrator(s), who are also known as the Site Owners. Anyone who needs to access to the site will be given one of three levels of access:

  • Site Visitors: read-only access to content within site.
  • Site Members: view, add, edit and delete content.
  • Site Owners: configure the site.

Additionally, permissions can be controlled further at these levels:



Library or List

File or list item

Please contact your Site Owner (administrator) to request that access be restricted somewhere within your site.