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Office 365 @ University of Otago
Keeping you up-to-date with the latest information around Office 365 for University of Otago Staff

Recently migrated to Office 365?

If you have recently migrated to Office 365, you will likely need to look at the following instructions:

If all else fails, you can contact AskOtago at:

Tel +64 3 479 7000 or 0800 80 80 98
Enquiry form

End of Support for Microsoft 365 Office for Mac prior to macOS 10.14 Mojave

As of the Microsoft 365 for Mac November 2020 update, macOS 10.14 Mojave or later is required to receive updates to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. If you continue with an older version of macOS, your Office apps will continue to work but you will no longer receive any updates including security updates.

Note: If your organization is not using macOS then you can disregard this message.

Key Points:

  • Major: Retirement
  • Timing: November 10, 2020
  • Action: Review and assess impact

[How does this affect me?]

As part of the upcoming November 2020 update, existing Microsoft 365 for Mac users on macOS 10.13 will not be offered any further updates. Upgrading the operating system to macOS 10.14 or later will allow app updates to proceed.

Additionally, new installs of Microsoft 365 for Mac will also require macOS 10.14 or later.

[What do I need to do to prepare for this change?]

To continue receiving the most up-to-date Microsoft 365 features on Mac, make sure all users are running one of the three most recent versions of macOS. Learn more about Microsoft 365 and macOS supportability see the Additional Information.

End of support for Office 2013 (and older) connecting to Office 365

Office 365 is a software as a service (SAAS) model – rather than building and running servers ourselves on premise to provide services like email and file storage we use the Office 365 platform which offers tight integration and frequent feature updates.  A side effect of subscribing to any service like this is that the clients (ie Outlook, MacMail) connecting to it need to have a minimal set of features in order to give full functionality and remain secure.

As of October 2020, Microsoft will be ending support for Office 2013 and older versions of the Office suite; these will no longer be able to work with Office 365 – use of Office 2013 is fairly low so the impact from this is expected to be minimal.

If you are using an older version of Office you can contact AskOtago to arrange for an upgrade or try it out for yourself – take a look at the blog post below for more information.

What do I need to do?



Office365 @ Otago

The cloud-based suite of Microsoft Office tools, Office 365, is being made available to staff.

This will enable staff to:

  • Use office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint online through a web browser
  • Store files securely within the University-owned OneDrive
  • Login from work or home to access files
  • Create shared online workspaces using Teams
  • Schedule online meetings and share screens
  • Share access to files and edit them simultaneously with others.
  • Communicate with staff and students via chat, and via audio and video (you may need a plugin headset and camera).

All staff members who have an actively used email address have been given a licence to access the Office 365 suite for work and home. All University of Otago students are already using Office 365.