Student and Staff shares for Sophos Endpoint Security being decommissioned 2019

Information Technology Services is starting to upgrade its Sophos Endpoint Security (antivirus) software. In preparation for this, the few student and staff owned devices that are still using this service must migrate off the centrally managed Sophos shares, which are being decommissioned during December 2019.

To check if your device is impacted

  1. Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control
  2. From the Anti virus and HIPS window click on the “View updating log”
  3. From the log view window locate the lines that begin with
    “Downloading product Sophos System Protection from server…”
    if the line contains any of the following (as marked in red)”\\\Student”
    “//”your device is updating from the central service and you should install new antivirus software or contact your IT Technical Support.

If you don’t see any of the above in your log lines then you are not updating from the Student or Staff share, therefore no further action is required.

Where identification was possible, ITS emailed these affected students and staff and advised them of this situation.

Device owners should be aware that they are putting their data and device at risk if they continue to use the device without antivirus service. Sophos Home Endpoint Security (note the Home) is available at no charge from or choose one of the other free for personal use products listed in this wikipedia page



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