ITM Project FAQ

Last updated: 26 June 2012

This is a list of frequently asked questions about the Internet Traffic Management (ITM) project. Contact us at if you have any questions that are not answered here.


  • When will the project go live?

This is a wide ranging project, affecting all staff, students, and university users across all campuses. The project is live and being implemented in stages. Students and staff started to see the benefits of the ITM project in the first semester of 2012.


  • How do I request to be exempted from the Internet Usage Policy?

Staff members who need to view websites that are in blocked categories may apply to their Head of Division to gain access. An email from the Head of Division should be sent to the ITS Service Desk ( detailing the sites or categories that a staff member is exempted from, and the required duration of the exemption.

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  • How will it affect all university users?

We have improved our ability to detect malicious websites and malware in transit (e.g. While it is being downloaded to your computer), thus preventing infections from ever starting. We will also be able to better detect computers that do become infected, and isolate them to protect the rest of the network.


  • How will it affect staff members?

It helps prevent staff from accidentally breaching the Universities’ Internet Usage Policy by providing a warning.


  • How will it affect students?

Students will be able to use more apps and devices on the Student Network, and they will be able to access the internet more reliably. This is under development and will be released as soon as it is ready.


  • Will I be able to use Bittorrent?

We block the Bittorrent protocol for students, and those using the UO-GUEST and UO-EXTERNAL networks. This helps protects students and the University of Otago from allegations of copyright infringement. We do understand that there are legitimate uses for Bittorrent. If you do need to use Bittorrent for work or study, please let us know (email: .


  • Will I be able to access sites with illegal content or malware?

No, these sites will be permanently blocked to protect you, your computing equipment, and the University of Otago network. If you need to to access those sites for work or study, please let us know (email:


  • Will it make the internet faster?

Maybe. While we will be able to manage traffic better, more student devices and applications will work fully. We anticipate that the overall internet experience for staff and students will improve, even if there is no perceived increase in internet speed.


  • Can I use Skype?

Yes. Its main feature is VoIP (Voice over IP).


  • How do I know if a site is blocked?

A warning message will appear instead of the expected website. We license the Fortiguard web rating service from Fortinet, and their ratings are available at However, there is no need to “pre-check” a website before visiting it, as warning pages are not policy violations.


  • Do you report on each website that individuals visit?

No. We report on aggregate information about the Universities’ internet connection.


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