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Bravo for Bra-Vo

Each year GRS staff unleash their crafty talents (and believe me there is a fair bit of it about the place) and take part in the Bra-Vo competition.  I caught up with Katherine van der Vliet the GRS Bra-Vo wrangler to learn more about the event. – Mel Adams


Mel:  First up what is Bra-Vo?

Katherine:  Bra-Vo is a fund raising event to raise money for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.  It is organized by Fran Cockerell from Women’s and Children’s Health at the University of Otago.

Mel: Why do you take part?

Katherine: 1 in 5 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime in NZ, so it is important to help raise money towards research and awareness.


Mel: So what is it you actually do when you take part in Bra-Vo?

Katherine: You decorate a “Nana’ bra in the chosen theme and model your creation over your clothes with the other participants at the a morning tea held at Women’s and Children’s Health.

Mel: Over the years there have been many different themes what would be your favorite? (This years was ‘Bling it on’.)

Katherine: Kiwiana was the theme two years ago.  There were a lot of ideas to choose from, each bra was quite different.  They were all extremely funny and very creative.


Mel:  Where do you get your inspiration from for your Bra – Talk us through the process of creating an Awesome Bra-Vo Bra?

Katherine:  I look on the internet and look around me and think about it for a bit, then something usually just pops into my head.

Mel:  I have heard rumors that you have granny bras stashed in the bottom of your desk draw- is this true?

Katherine:  No comment!


Mel:  Do you think people are more likely  to take part in charity event if they events involves some form of creativity instead of just making a donation?

Katherine: I think people get quite enthusiastic about an event that is different, but because it takes a lot of time and effort in the end they find it easier just to make a donation, which is fine because we are all different.

Mel: I have also heard rumors that there should be a GRS Bra-Vo hall of fame established or perhaps an official history of the GRS Bra-Vo experience, do you think this something that should happen?

Katherine:  It would be nice to keep all the bras that have been made and have them on display somewhere.  A lot of time and effort has been put in to them as it’s a shame if they are just discarded or hidden away.

Mel:  Finally if you could have your pick of themes what would be your ideal theme?

Katherine:  Country:  pick a country and decorate the bra to represent the country.  The other participants have to guess what the country is.

GroupThanks Katherine for sharing with us her Bra-Vo experience – I can’t wait until next year’s theme is announced – Bling it on!!!