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Daily Archives: December 18, 2015

Ho Ho Ho Merry GRS Christmas

The Graduate Research School will close on Thursday the 24th of December and open again on Tuesday the 5th of January. That means that no one will be here to receive submissions, answer the phone, reply to your emails, or even be aware of your existence. So what are all the GRS staff going to be doing if they’re not at work?

SarahSarah is going to be eating too much, drinking too much, and soaking up the sun around the South Island


Mel will be reeeelaxing, having family visiting from overseas, and trying to stop Atlas eating all the strawberries in the garden.

PeterPeter is looking forward to being lazy at home with the family, and lying on the deck drinking Emersons.

LisaLisa will be doing what she’s been doing for every spare minute outside of work-time since March – building a house.

RobinRobin has a wedding to attend on Boxing Day, then she’s heading to a crib (she says “bach”) on Lake Hawea, before jetting off to Tokoroa and Rarotonga in January.

KatherineKatherine says she’ll be eating, drinking (orange juice), and being merry, but she’s also hoping to get around to painting the house and doing some gardening.

LeaneLeane will be looking after her two kids at home while her husband’s at work, as well as being Santa Claus, and entertaining extended family.

BelindaBelinda has chosen to forgo any relaxation and instead will be tramping through mud and swearing at sandflies on Stewart Island for ten days.

JemmaJemma plans to enjoy her first Christmas in Dunedin in three years with (she hopes) lots of sun and barbecues.

SusanSusan is off to Moeraki for a week of reading and walking and more reading and walking, and looking at penguins


Claire will be mostly stalking George Clooney. After meeting Claire, George will realise he doesn’t need some poxy Human Rights lawyer in his life but would prefer a partner from the oldest profession (middle management). Claire is planning to live happily ever after in Italy and wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas and so long suckers.

BrianBrian I shall be spending Christmas day with my partner and my New Zealand adopted whanau. Being away from Scotland, my country of birth, Christmas and new year is a very challenging time for me. I am very much looking forward to spending Christmas where we will share food and drink, enjoy each other’s’ company  and be appreciative of how fortunate we are.

rachelRachel Over the festive season I plan to actually have a month off – cannot remember when I last did that! I hope to spend time visiting friends in Christchurch, chill out at the lovely seaside community of Shag Point, get some warmth and good walks and bike rides in Wanaka and Queenstown and generally eat too much!