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Daily Archives: November 6, 2015

Only 8 weeks to Christmas!

Santa BrianChristmas is a few weeks away.  Brian’s post highlights the stresses associated with Christmas and gives advice on how you can get everything done stress free!

Preparations for the holiday season seem to come around earlier and earlier each year. Some merchandisers start their advertising campaign as early as September, for goodness sake!

For many of us in the lead up to Christmas we become distracted by the frenetic demands of shopping for gifts for family and friends. The holiday season can be a stressful time and the pressures to ‘buy, buy, buy’, can take its’ toll on our finances and energies. We convince ourselves it’s time to ease off focusing on our studies or work commitments. Our priorities shift and some of us may ‘take a wee holiday’ from progressing thesis writing.But wait! We can achieve a lot in eight weeks and shop!

Weekly Planner2

I encourage students and staff I work with, to create a healthy balance between ‘business and pleasure’. If you haven’t already used a weekly planner to structure your week, do it today! Include thesis writing, exercise, healthy eating and sleeping habits and doing some things you enjoy.

Or perhaps, like me, you could adopt a “Scrooge” approach and let Christmas consumerism pass you by. Or choose to focus on being grateful for what we’ve got, appreciate our family and friends and donate to our favourite charity – to those who really need.


Whatever you choose to do over the coming weeks, remember at any given moment you have the opportunity to choose to focus on what’s most important to you.


Brian Johnston, Graduate Research